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ETC Sarin 30 Lumen Front Light

ETC Sarin 30 Lumen Front Light

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The ETC Sarin 30 Front Light is a 30 lumen USB rechargeable bike light that utilises COB 'Chips on Board' technology which delivers reliable performance and brilliant white light. The bike light features a lithium battery which saves the need of carrying spare batteries, simply charge the light before your journey, at your place of work or charge during the day with one of our Goal Zero's portable power banks. For ease of use the light features battery display reading. Toggle between a variety of lighting modes, from High, Mid, Low, a range of Flash settings and even intelligent modes; which adjusts the automatically during day and night cycle rides.


  • Auto Light adjustment
  • Remaining Battery Display
  • Low Battery Safety Mode
  • Multiple Modes plus Memory Mode
  • Functions: High 30Lm, Mid 15Lm, low 5Lm, Flash 30Lm, Breathe Flash, Comet Flash, Intelligent Night, Intelligent Day
  • Battery: Lithium polymer 3.7v 500mAh, USB rechargeable
  • Fitment: Silicon Strap
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