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Stique ML125CF 14 Function Multi Tool Carbon Fiber Black

Stique ML125CF 14 Function Multi Tool Carbon Fiber Black

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  • A 14-functionmulti-tool built around three tyre levers, held together with magnets. Made from carbon-fibre-injected 'metal-replacement' plastic, these levers are six times stronger than market-leading levers and, if used correctly, almost impossible to break. Even so, the ml125cf comes with a lifetime guarantee.

    Weighing just130g and with a new, slimmer lever profile, this lightweight tool can be used to enter even the smallest gap between rim and bead on a thin road tyre, making light work of any required tyre-changing. Unlike the ml125, the ml125cf comes with astique-branded neoprene case.

    ml1cf (bottom lever):

      • tyre lever

      • split chain-link holders

      • 1 coin slot

      • spoke hook (flat and round)

      • dust-cap holder

    ml2cf(middle lever):

      • tyre lever

      • 1 coin slot

      • spoke wrench (in two sizes)

      • cr-type battery holder

      • die-cast, magnetic tool-bit holder

      • 4mm hex key (with rubber cap)

    ml5cf(top lever):

      • tyre lever

      • stainless-steel chain-breaker (with chain hook)

      • 5mm hex key

      • size 2 screwdriver

      • torx t25 wrench

      • bottle opener

    Product Code: SQML125CF

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