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Barracuda FS16 Boys BMX Bike, Black/Yellow, 16” Wheels

Barracuda FS16 Boys BMX Bike, Black/Yellow, 16” Wheels

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Barracuda FS16 BMX Bike - Black & Yellow

Urban graphics and edgy style, the Barracuda FS16 kids' bike will make any kid the king of the park! It comes with stabiliser's to aid the first steps into cycling which can be removed as confidence grows.


Adjustable reach brakes and Padded stem cover

Small hands need to be able to reach the brakes and with a small adjuster this makes the riding position better, The character padded cover helps protect the child in the event of a sudden stop.

Fully enclosed chainguard & Non slip pedals

Fully enclosed chain guard stops clothes and body parts entering or engaging with moving parts. Non slip pedals keep the little mans feet where they should be.

Caliper Brakes and Saftey wheel washers

V brakes provide good stopping power, mount the front wheel with the safety tab located in the fork leg and have the confidence that the wheel is in the right place and wont work loose.


Stabiliser's help build confidence while they'll be free to learn to ride safely and securely until they're ready for two wheels at which point these can easily be removed.

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